May 27th 2018


Space Adventure | Action
USA | 3D
135 Minutes
Han Solo Alden Ehrenreich
Chewbacca Joonas Suotamo
Qui'ra Emilia Clarke
Tobias Beckett Woody Harrelson
Lando Calrissian Donald Glover
Val Thandie Newton
Dryden Vos Paul Bettany
Enfys Nest Erin Kellyman
Director Ron Howard
Writer Jonathan und Lawrence Kasdan

Content: Han and his friend Qui'ra lead a pathetic life on planet Corellian under control of gangster lady Proxima. As they try to escape, Qui'ra gets seperated from Han. Without any chance to find her, Han signs for the Empire to become a pilot. The military is not as the hotspur expected. There are just hopeless battles on the ground and that's not of his taste. Accidentally Han meets a freelancer crew and joins them at once.

Opinion: Solo a Star Wars story differs from episodes 1 to 8 and Rogue One by containing less drama about galaxy reign and light and dark side of the force. Instead it tells an own story. In the center stands the relationship between Han and Qui'ra plus fellow campaigners of the space rogue crew. You'll remember especially droid L3-37, veteran Beckett and of course a certain wookie. The movie stays close to the familiar look. The orchestral soundtrack wasn't messed moreover. Some may miss supernatural elements or unexpected encounters.


Conclusion: Solo is not an extraordinary big hit, but an enjoyable action movie with less pathos and without senseless journeys to some random pleasure planet. It's nice to see, someone realized what worked on Rogue One.

4 of 6 possible "Gomtuus"
Star Wars - Episode 8


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  Gomtuu rät von diesem Film ab, aber wenn es sein muss...


  Nicht richtig gut, aber hat etwas.


  Schwachpunkte und Gelungenes hält sich die Waage.


  Gute Unterhaltung, so wie es sein sollte.


  Ein Filmhit, der äusserst sehenswert ist.


  Von Null auf Klassiker in wenigen Sekunden.