December 17th 2017

Fantasy | Comic | Action
120 Minutes
Batman Ben Affleck
Wonder Woman Gal Gadot
Cyborg Ray Fisher
Aquaman Jason Momoa
Flash Ezra Miller
Superman Henry Cavill
Alfred Jeremy Irons
Lois Lane Amy Adams
Martha Kent Diane Lane
Writers | Directors Zack Snyder | Joss Whedon

Content: While Batman is looking out for gangsters in Gotham like every evening he notices an insect-like creature - a lead to a new threat. As a precaution he calls for backup. Mostly hidden living Wonderwoman Diana explains that these creatures are henchmen of a destructive force that wants to conquer everything. The so-called "Steppenwolf" needs another three energy-cubes though to unfold inredible power. As Batman likes to illustrate natural boundaries to that meanie, he strives to recruit potent combatants - but they aren't all enthusiastic at once.

Opinion: Besides of a primitive story including a moronic antagonist the story appears entertaining. Here is not the place for chaotic Suicide Squad but the first guard on duty (without Green Lantern and Mera just seen shortly). Heroes get scenes equally to show interesting aspects of their beings and weaknesses. The well-known humour of Joss Whedon is recognizable.


Conclusion: Although Justice League may be the poorest superhero movie of year 2017 it's still enjoyable - especially if you are fond of these guys.

3 of 6 possible "Gomtuus"


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  Dieser Kram macht dich krank.


  Gomtuu rät von diesem Film ab, aber wenn es sein muss...


  Nicht richtig gut, aber hat etwas.


  Schwachpunkte und Gelungenes hält sich die Waage.


  Gute Unterhaltung, so wie es sein sollte.


  Ein Filmhit, der äusserst sehenswert ist.


  Von Null auf Klassiker in wenigen Sekunden.